Our Top 5 T-Shirts for the Summer

Posted by Energy Moto


The weather is getting warmer summer months are coming in. So we think the easiest thing that anyone can do is to update their current wardrobe is by inserting a couple of T-shirt. That’s why today we’re going over the five T-shirts that will ensure you look good in the hot weather.

  1.  Extreme Adventure Unisex T-Shirt 

As you know, finding the perfect t-shirt isn't easy. There are way too many cheap, disposable tees out there that shrink or tear after just a few washes. But don't worry, this T-shirt offers great quality and will keep you comfortable and dry from the Summer heat. Why did we include it in our top 5 picks? Because it feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. With 100% combed and ring-spun cotton (heather colors contain polyester), it's comfortable and flattering for both men and women. Especially, the excellent motorcycle print in front of the shirt is bound to resonate with anyone who loves riding. You can wash this T-shirt without worrying that it will be shrunk or tear.

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2. Biker Mom T-Shirt 

These tees have that perfect cuts: not too clingy, not too baggy, not too long in the body, and the sleeves hug the shoulder perfectly.

It's specially designed for women with a distinctive print: "Biker Mom - Just like a normal mom except much cooler". Except for the white ones and the faded black, which looks like a shirt you’ve owned your whole life. We also have many different kinds of colors like green, blue, pink or orange you can choose from.


3. Just Ride Unisex T-Shirt 

We seriously have the most comfortable and stylish T-shirts that hangs off the shoulders perfectly, flattering in the chest, and the perfect length to wear. If you have a motorcycle or not, owning a T-shirt like this is absolutely essential on hot summer days. Even though the pattern printed on the shirt seems to appeal only to rev heads, it’s not the case. This shirt is not only for the avid rider, but also for anyone who wants to be cooler in Summer. If you add this shirt to your wardrobe and it will be sure to last you a couple of years.


4.     American Style Unisex T-Shirt

The perfect fit on these tees, combined with a subtle logo (American flag) and design work, mixed with the supersoft fabric, make this a "brand" new T-shirt you’ve gotta keep an eye on. Perhaps the image of the American flag appears on many types of clothing; such as hoodies, long sleeve T-shirt or jackets. Although they are simple their "hot" level has never shown signs of cooling down. Yes, it’s not too expensive, but it’s also pays hommage to the latest fashion trends.

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5.  F U Unisex T-Shirt

We’ve often showed this T-Shirt on our Instagram and it’s still one of our favourite T-Shirts we have in stock. If you like to wear T-Shirts with a bold statement, there’s no bolder statement than this T-Shirt. All riders know the experience of being cut up by drivers, and show them this T-Shirt and they will certainly get the message. 

Furthermore, this is a great T-shirt to wear out to an event for riders, go shopping with your girlfriend or even go to a bar or nightclub. Really all of its design elements are simple but they sure do stand out and it’s certainly what you'd expect from any good slim-fit T-shirt. 

Choosing a perfect Summer T-Shirt doesn’t need to be a chore, it’s just a question of finding a design you like and make sure it’s light and breathable for the hotter weather. With a range of designs, colors and styles Energy Moto has the perfect Summer tees to choose from.