Top Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Running Longer

Posted by Energy Moto

There’s nothing better than rolling out on the open road on your motorcycle --so why not make sure your motorcycle lasts as long as possible? Motorcycle maintenance is important to keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape so you can enjoy your ride for years to come and it is a vital part of being a motorbike owner. If you want your motorcycle to run smoothly for longer, make sure you follow these five motorcycle maintenance tips!

Keep it Clean

A motorcycle that lives long is one that is clean. As you know, dirt and other matter corrodes almost everything and can even get inside the engine and other workings of the motorcycle, slowly doing damage. Not only does it cover up the information console and other lights but it also builds up and collects in all the nooks and crannies. This leads to a lot of gunk in all the wrong places and helps the formation of rust too.

So make sure to get your motorcycle pressure washed at least once a month and give it a good wipe down every few days.

Attention: Never use water to clean the chains, as that could rust the chain links.

Check your battery

If you are about to go out for a ride, check your battery beforehand. This will ensure that nothing disastrous will happen while you’re out on the road. There are numerous factors that determine how long your motorcycle battery will last. Keeping your battery in good condition will help it last longer, saving you time and money down the road.

Check your Oil

Check your manual for the frequency of changing your oil. The issue with your liquids is that most people treat it like a car where they think it lasts a lot longer. But on the motorcycle, you go through a link with a lot quicker depending on your environment, your driving conditions and other factors. In general, it is recommended that you change your oil at least once per year. If you put a lot of miles on your bike, you will need to change it more often.

Check the oil

Similarly, if you drive in dirty or dusty areas, the quality of your oil will break down faster so you will need to change it more than once per year. Always check your oil before you hit the road – it should be at high or max level. If it is low, add more.

Tire Pressure

It happened to be one of the most overlooked items on the motorcycle. But incredibly important if you want your motorcycle to handle well on the corners and at high speed before jumping on the bike give this highers a quick hard kick. It’s a fast way to see if they actually have some air inside. Then find that using your hand to grip and so squeeze smaller sized tires can help indicate if they need to be aired up. So step up from now is talking a little more time and actually getting your tire pressure gauge and using it to see exactly how much air is in there.  

 Check tire Pressure

Check the air pressure and any signs of wear and tear. Always keep the correct amount of air pressure for good handling on the road and to avoid blowouts.

With the right pressure, they will last longer.

Fix Things Sooner than Later

The motorcycle doesn’t have the same kick as it used to? Hearing a rattle? You can literally see something that is damaged?

 Check things sooner than later

Don’t wait to check over your motorcycle and get things fixed, because the longer you wait the more serious any damage could become. Even if you think you’re saving money, you could just be increasing the cost once it catches up to you. If you ignore it and don’t bother about maintaining it, it will become slow, sluggish and will land up letting you down.

Conclusion: Take care of your motorcycle and it will take care of you. Remember a machine is only as good as its operator. With these motorcycle maintenance tips, your motorcycle is sure to keep running smoothly. Do you have any tips you would like to share? Tell us about them below!